95.04.16 - Kelly yelled at me this morning. Been pissed all day. Got an offsite call and skipped lunch. That didn't help. Thorne was nervous in the brief and he doesn't get nervous. Seven men fully armed. No Shoot order. We hit a warehouse in Magna. Torched the lock. I wasn't ready for what happened next None of us were. Target's name was Dr. Kendall. A hi-clearance researcher at IngenBio. There was a girl in there too, in some sort of bio-dome structure. Thorne was mad with Kendall about going awol and some kind of experiment. Kendall ignored him until Thorne ordered us to take the girl and seize the research. Reid cut into the bio-dome and Kendall went apeshit. Doyle opened fire without an order. Thorne screaming or him to cease but it was too late. Kendall was dead before anyone knew what happened. We stood there for a minute, and then something happened. The girl started to scream. Reid and Rodgers went into the bio-dome, but the girl wasn't there. They switched to thermal, and that's when it attacked us. Something was inside the biodome. It moved faster than anything I'd ever seen before. It was small and covered with tentacles or something. It shot out across the room and tore the men in half. Blood was everywhere. Reid was still alive and fired his gun. The gun ignited the oxygen in the lab, and the entire warehouse detonated. The last thing I saw was the fireball coming at me. When I came to, Thorne and the girl were lying on the floor. He was covered with puncture wounds from the tentacles. He picked her up and carried her outside. I never saw her after that. Thorne told Griffin that everyone was killed in the explosion except the two of us. I had no idea what was going to happen to us. On the way back to IngenBio, I realized I was wounded. I wrapped the wound and didn't tell anyone. Kelly saw the wound. She said I should go along with Thorne's story. That was the last night I slept.

95.04.17 - They kept us in debriefing all night. I haven't slept yet. Thorne won't say a word. I hope I never know what Kendall was up to. Once you have red clearance Ingen owns you. I threw up in the bathroom. My guts feel like someone dropped them in a blender. I need to play it cool. If Ingen thinks something is up they'll want a quarantine. I miss my wife. Security came in to get Thorne. Doyle was with them and said he might have been exposed. They started yelling and then Thorne beat the shit out of Doyle. That was nice. I fell asleep. I don't know how long, they confiscated my watch. I'm scared. They aren't even checking up on me. Have they forgotten I'm here? I haven't slept in 72 hours. Kelly hasn't answered the phone, and they won't let me leave the building. Doyle knows I've been infected Griffin called me into his office. Never met him before for more than 2 seconds during a security briefing. He told me how valuable my work was with the company, and that he appreciated my dedication to IngenBio. He never asked about the lab. Maybe they don't know I was compromised. Maybe they thought Thorne was the only one infected. I might be able to get away before they find out. I still haven't slept. My body is changing, and I'm more scared of what I am becoming than if IngenBio puts me in quarantine. I tried to call the house. Kelly still hasn't answered. There was a strange interference on the line, and then the call ended. They're watching me. I have to get out of here. I'm afraid they've done something to Kelly. The last time I saw her she was still sleeping at the house. I grabbed the access keys from Epcar's locker. I had to get home to Kelly. On my way out, he tried to stop me. I don't know what happened to me. Something came out of me - A tentacle of some kind. It speared him in the torso, and ripped him apart. I just ran. When I got back to the house, the lights were still on. I entered though the back door so the neighbors wouldn't see me. Kelly was still in bed. I tried to wake her, but she wasn't moving. I pulled back the sheets, and found the blood. She was cocooned in tentacles. I must have done this to her when I was sleeping. Just like what I did to Epcar. But how could I? What was happening to me? The windows blew in and flood lights filled the house. Doyle had followed me her. Two armed Hazmat teams entered the house. I went mad. I ripped them apart. My body erupted into an ocean of tentacles and flesh. I had no idea what I was becoming, but I kept killing them. They had done this to me and Kelly. All I could think about was destroying anything that came close to me. I never saw the stun net coming. When I awoke I was in the Biocontainment shaft. Doyle and 3 men had me held with fiber restraints. I still had red strands hanging from my chest. They weren't bringing me down the Central elevator. Doyle was keeping this quiet. They brought me to Holding block 16. As soon as we reached the Holding cell, I knew I would never be allowed to leave. I smashed my fists against the glass and my limbs began to spread. The Soldiers in the room raised their weapons, and the scientists took a step back. They were scared of me. Doyle smiled at me through the glass and gassed my holding tube. I smiled back...The gas had no effect on me, and I could see his eyes widen. I smashed against the glass again, and small cracks rippled through the tank. One of my tentacles managed to get through and hit a scientist. I lifted him across the room, and threw him into the other soldiers. Doyle pulled out a blade, and slashed at my appendage. My mind exploded with rage. One tentacle became three, and wildly attacked them without any effort. I began tearing through them.

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